AI Tools for Financial Services

AI is significantly enhancing Financial Services by automating complex processes, providing predictive analytics, and improving risk management. AI tools in this field include automated trading systems, fraud detection, credit scoring, and personalized financial advice. These tools are crucial for financial institutions, investors, and consumers looking to make informed decisions, optimize investments, and enhance financial security.

Midday - AI Technology Solution


Midday is a comprehensive financial operating system designed for businesses. It offers automation of financial...
FinWise - AI Technology Solution


FinWise Assistant is an AI tool designed to help users manage their financial profiles and...
Kniru - AI Technology Solution


Kniru is an AI-powered financial advisor tool that provides hyper-personalized financial management and advice....


FinNews - AI Technology Solution


Compliance Genie - AI Technology Solution

Compliance Genie

Compliance Genie is an AI-powered tool developed by Basis Theory and KapaAI that provides instant...
QuillAI - AI Technology Solution


Quill AI is an AI-powered investor copilot that serves as a personal financial research assistant....
SentimentWatch - AI Technology Solution


SentimentWatch is an AI-powered tool that enables users to stay updated on the current financial...
BeatandRaise - AI Technology Solution


BeatandRaise is a financial search tool that has been specifically designed for AI applications....
Pocket AI - AI Technology Solution

Pocket AI

Pocket is a personal finance chatbot powered by AI....
Monarch money - AI Technology Solution

Monarch money

The Monarch AI Assistant is an AI-powered personal finance assistant that allows users to manage...
Recordme - AI Technology Solution


Recordme-Client is an AI tool designed to streamline and automate accounting processes....
Alphawatch - AI Technology Solution


Fina - AI Technology Solution


Fina is a finance management tool that provides users with the ability to track and...
Daedalus Chat - AI Technology Solution

Daedalus Chat

FinanceBrain - AI Technology Solution


Finance Brain is an AI tool that assists in financial analysis by automatically analyzing and...
Paradoxly - AI Technology Solution


Paradoxly is an AI financial advisor app that aims to help users improve their financial...
Zumma - AI Technology Solution


Zumma Financial is a personal finance and investment platform in Mexico....
Parthean - AI Technology Solution


Parthean AI is a personal finance education tool that operates as an AI-powered financial coach...
Owny - AI Technology Solution


Owny is a financial technology tool that provides a comprehensive platform for businesses to manage...
Wallet AI - AI Technology Solution

Wallet AI

Wallet.AI is a San Francisco-based company that creates intelligent engines for helping people make better...
Schwarzthal - AI Technology Solution


Schwarzthal Tech is an AI-driven platform designed for financial crime intelligence....