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Kniru - AI Technology Solution

What is Kniru?

Kniru is an AI-powered financial advisor tool that provides hyper-personalized financial management and advice. With its chat feature, users can ask a wide range of financial questions and receive answers on topics such as wealth management, retirement planning, tax strategies, and expense management. Kniru offers precise and actionable insights to help users make better financial decisions.The tool provides various features and notifications to enhance financial management. Users can receive personalized savings suggestions, bill reminders, budget alerts, anomaly detection, and portfolio alerts. Kniru also offers fully automatic connections, allowing seamless integration with multiple financial accounts across different countries.The tool provides comprehensive account coverage, including bank accounts, investments, real estate assets, loans, and credit cards. Users can access dashboards that display their assets, liabilities, and insights, such as spend analysis and subscription tracking.Kniru has garnered notable news coverage and is backed by Kniru Technologies Private Limited. It offers APIs for partnerships with banks and fintech companies. The tool is available for download and aims to provide world-class financial advice in an easily accessible manner.Overall, Kniru offers a convenient and personalized solution for managing personal finances, providing users with a holistic view of their financial situation and offering insights to optimize their financial decisions.

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