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FinWise - AI Technology Solution

What is FinWise?

FinWise Assistant is an AI tool designed to help users manage their financial profiles and money more effectively. With this assistant, users can ask questions, seek guidance, and gain confidence in managing their finances. The tool offers features such as customised onboarding for FinWise accounts, AI assistance on various financial topics, and the ability to receive nudges and assistance from the AI Financial Assistant.FinWise Assistant aims to simplify the financial management process by providing users with easy access to helpful information and personalized support. The tool is designed to enhance user experience and enable individuals to make informed decisions regarding their money management.In addition to its AI capabilities, FinWise Assistant offers other features such as Household management and Developer API. The tool is built with security and privacy in mind, ensuring the protection of user data. Users can access FinWise Assistant through their FinWise accounts and leverage its functionality to optimize their financial management practices.FinWise Assistant is part of the broader FinWise platform, which includes additional offerings such as a referral program, resources for financial advisors, and comparisons with other financial management tools like, YNAB, and 22Seven. By utilizing the AI capabilities of FinWise Assistant, users can expect an improved financial management experience that is informative, personalized, and secure.

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