Optimize Enabled virtual collaboration for remote workforce.
SoWork - AI Technology Solution

What is SoWork?

SoWork is a virtual workplace tool designed for remote teams looking to enhance their efficiency, productivity, and collaboration. The tool offers a Smart Virtual Office environment where teams can connect, communicate, and engage in real-time, providing a sense of presence, spontaneity, and connection. Users can create their own avatar and a customizable workspace, which allows them to fluidly video chat, collaborate with team members, and get work done much faster than before. The tool also comes with advanced features such as HD video and recordings, screen sharing, AI-powered meeting summaries, scheduled meetings, and more. SoWork’s AI Meeting Assistant, Sophia Bot, can help users create meeting notes with summaries, action items, and decisions made. Additionally, SoWork’s MapMaker enables users to customize their digital office to match their team’s culture. The tool can be accessed via desktop or mobile devices, offering users the flexibility to work efficiently from any location. Overall, SoWork is a comprehensive virtual workplace solution for remote teams, offering a range of advanced features that can enhance team engagement, collaboration, and productivity.

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