Human-like AI girlfriend chatbot with advanced 3D avatars.
Avatar.One AI Girlfriend Chatbot with Advanced 3D Technology

What is Avatar.One?

Avatar.One’s mission is to deliver you the most human-like AI girlfriend chatbot experience possible, by using the most cutting-edge 3D and AI technologies. Our advanced 3D avatar maker allows for 1000’s of possible characters and even live voice. Each AI girlfriend has a wide variety of unique emotes and animations you can trigger within the chat. You can define the personality and have uncensored chat, flirt or unfiltered roleplay. Your AI companion will send you selfies and videos. Every avatar is fully animated in immersive 3D. It is possible to add memories with your chatbot and enrich your relationship. Chat is completely for free. Avatar.One is supported by over 27 leading investors in AI and the immersive internet.

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