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SecondSoul - AI Technology Solution

What is SecondSoul?

SecondSoul is a chatbot platform called ClonePage that enables creators to generate their AI version and offer 24/7 conversations to their fans. The platform is text-based and relies on the creator’s profile to create an immersive experience. Initially, it is focused on OnlyFans (OF) creators, but it plans to expand to other influencers and models in the future.The AI versions of popular creators/models are created using cutting-edge technology to provide an engaging companionship experience. The advanced conversational AI ensures realistic interactions with the AI clone, offering a new and exciting service for fans. Creators can join the platform for free, and SecondSoul takes care of the AI generation and all related services. The creators earn money through a commission program based on user subscriptions to their profile using the platform.SecondSoul is not an open platform. OF creators are selected based on their profile and communities. Creators can differentiate their profiles by providing this type of service and have the opportunity to expand their revenue channels.To join the platform, creators can sign up for the waiting list, and SecondSoul will reach out to them as soon as possible. Limited slots are available. SecondSoul is committed to providing an immersive and monetizable AI-driven experience for creators and their communities.

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