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What is TextSynth?

Playground TextSynth is an AI tool that utilizes large language models to complete text. This tool has several available models, such as GPT-J, a 6billion parameter English model, Boris, a fine-tuned version of GPT-J for the French language, GPT-NeoX, the largest model with 20 billion parameters, and CodeGen-6B-monotop-k. Users can type in a text and the neural network will generate a randomly chosen completion. The parameters of the model can be adjusted, such as the temperature and number of maximum tokens. The tool comes with examples pre-loaded, such as Unicorns that speak English, Question-Answer, Cprogram, Cooking instructions, Linux, Game of Thrones, HTML, The election and Area 51. In addition, users can select a letter of motivation or article idea as an example.

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