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Optimize Voice transcription for capturing spoken thoughts.
Letterly App - AI Technology Solution

What is Letterly App?

The Letterly App is a voice-to-text tool that allows users to transform spoken thoughts into clear and structured text. It eliminates the need for typing by utilizing AI technology to convert speech into written words. The tool offers a range of features to enhance productivity, including note-taking, summarizing meeting discussions, generating social media content, writing emails, creating to-do lists, and composing well-structured articles. By leveraging the speed of speaking, users can save time and effortlessly capture their ideas and thoughts.The app also provides additional functionalities such as text input for situations where speaking may not be feasible, easy sharing of text via various messaging platforms and email, and unlimited storage for notes. Users can customize the app’s interface with dark and light modes and select different styles for their written content. The tool also supports speech translation, allowing users to record in their preferred language and translate it into other languages.The Letterly App prioritizes user privacy and does not collect or store personally identifiable information. It offers a free trial for users to experience its benefits, and it is available for download on both the App Store and Google Play. The app aims to streamline communication and enhance productivity by providing an efficient and convenient way to convert speech into well-crafted text.

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