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Optimize Private and secure audio/video transcriptions services.
Koe App - AI Technology Solution

What is Koe App?

Koe is an AI-powered tool that offers transcription services for audio and video files. It supports a wide range of audio and video formats, including mp3, wav, m4a, ogg, mov, avi, mp4, webm, and mkv. One of the key features of Koe is the ability to transcribe human speeches using OpenAI’s Whisper model. This transcription can be done locally without sending any data to external servers, ensuring privacy and security. Additionally, Koe offers an API service for speech-to-text transcription, allowing users to integrate the tool into their own applications and enjoy faster transcription speeds.Koe also provides video playback with subtitles, allowing users to use the generated transcript as subtitles for their videos in the .mp4 format. Moreover, Koe offers AI-powered translation using ChatGPT, enabling users to translate the transcribed text.Another useful feature of Koe is voice dictation, which allows users to dictate their text using speech. This can be a fast and efficient way to generate written content.Regarding pricing, Koe offers a lifetime license option, allowing users to purchase the tool and use it indefinitely. However, major upgrades in the future may require an additional upgrade cost.It is important to note that while the on-device Whisper model ensures that no data is sent to external servers during the transcription process, the translation feature does involve sending data to OpenAI’s server.Koe offers a refund policy of 14 days after purchase for dissatisfied customers.

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