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What is SpeakingAI?

Welcome to Speaking AI, your gateway to the future of voice technology! We are at the forefront of the generative voice AI revolution, bringing you cutting-edge text-to-speech capabilities and zero-shot voice cloning powered by advanced language model techniques. Imagine being able to speak naturally with a voice that perfectly captures your unique tone, pitch, and modulation. Our state-of-the-art model empowers you to record and clone your voice in just 10 seconds, opening up a world of possibilities you’ve never dreamed of. Whether it’s voiceovers, personalized assistant interactions, or simply having your voice preserved for the future, Speaking AI makes it all possible. But we’re more than just a technology platform. We’re a community of innovators and enthusiasts, dedicated to pushing the boundaries of generative voice AI. Join our Discord community to be part of this exciting journey. As an early member, you’ll enjoy exclusive access to pioneering features, direct communication with our team, and a say in shaping the future of our platform. Ethical AI is at the heart of what we do. We believe in responsible development and deployment of AI technology, ensuring it benefits humanity. Explore our Safety Announcement to learn more about our commitment to ethical AI. At Speaking AI, we’re building foundational models for generative voice AI, making advanced voice cloning and text-to-speech capabilities accessible to the world. Join us today and experience the future of voice technology. Sign up, speak naturally, and be part of the voice AI revolution!

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