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myReach - AI Technology Solution

What is myReach?

myReach is an AI-powered tool that serves as a personal knowledge hub designed to manage, organize and search for information saved by users. It replaces the need to search through different desktop folders, Google Drive, email or phone to locate documents, notes, contacts, and websites. Users can easily save and store all their important data in one place. In addition, the tool provides an AI assistant that answers questions, making it easier for users to retrieve information. The tool’s neural network is designed to extract and learn information from the content of all saved items and organize them in a way that users can find them easily. With the help of the AI assistant, users can find information by searching for specific keywords, similar to asking a personal assistant. myReach also supports relationships and properties that allow users to connect, structure and contextualize data. Users can group information into topics, add tags, and network their thoughts like a mind map. This helps users to find information faster and retrieve it easily. myReach is useful for students, professionals, and anyone who handles a lot of data and needs to retrieve information quickly and efficiently. The tool’s AI features make it easier to manage knowledge, save time, and increase productivity.

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