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Seeker - AI Technology Solution

What is Seeker?

SEEKER is a retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) AI chat platform that securely extracts and analyzes information from large data sets. It is designed to provide trustworthy insights and optimization for individual users and organizations. SEEKER offers radical transparency, going beyond the features of ChatGPT and other leading Large Language Models (LLMs).With SEEKER, users can confidently chat with their content and receive fully transparent and 100% source-verifiable responses. It ensures security by being 800-171 compliant, guaranteeing the highest level of security found on non-Federal computer systems.The tool caters to various industries and sectors including corporations, government agencies, law enforcement, academia, medical, legal, human resources, maintenance, training, and more. SEEKER is user-friendly with a sleek interface that allows for straightforward and intuitive usage.One of the key benefits of using SEEKER is its ability to significantly reduce the time required to complete tasks. It enables users to create relevant and reliable content, such as white-papers, essays, articles, and proposals, in a fraction of the time it would typically take.SEEKER has been featured in prominent platforms and has garnered positive reviews. It offers different plans and pricing options to suit varying needs, with options for free usage as well as personal, professional, and team plans.Furthermore, SEEKER provides deep research tools, transparent and verifiable results, and the ability to explore hidden relationships within search results. It also has specific use cases in the realms of intelligence, business, HR, legal, medical, and education.SEEKER prioritizes user privacy and security by employing data encryption techniques and adhering to stringent data privacy protocols. It ensures that client data retention is managed effectively and data spillage does not occur.

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