Listnr 2.0

Optimize 900+ voices. 142+ languages. Audio shareable.

What is Listnr 2.0?

Listnr is an AI Voice Generator that enables users to create realistic AI Voiceovers with over 900+ voices in 142+ languages. It is an easy to use Text to Speech (TTS) converter that enables users to quickly and easily convert any written content into natural-sounding speech and download in MP3 or WAV formats. It is trusted by 25,000+ users and is rated 4.8/5 on Trustpilot. The AI Voice Generator is powered by Speech Synthesis Engines which converts text into lifelike audio. It also allows users to share audio to multiple platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Listnr supports 75+ different languages and has over 600+ voices available. It also provides an embeddable audio player that enables users to embed audio into their website and expose their content to new audiences.Listnr also provides an easy export feature that enables users to export their audio files in either WAV or MP3 formats with a single click. It offers various plans for individuals, solo, and agencies which start from free and go up to $99/month. It also has a student plan which is $4/month and comes with 4,000 words per month. Overall, Listnr is one of the best rated AI Voice Generators in 2023 and its state of the art Text to Speech Editor and all-in-one podcasting capabilities make it one of the most versatile Text to Speech/AI voice generator tools available in the market.

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