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Izwe - AI Technology Solution

What is Izwe?

Izwe.ai is a multi-lingual technology platform that utilizes machine learning and a network of language specialists to transform audio and video data into transcriptions, captions or subtitles in various local languages. The platform aims to help businesses and organizations reach their intended markets across South Africa by providing accurate and efficient transcription services. They offer additional services such as translation, summarization, text classification, and entity extraction. Izwe.ai’s approach to achieving high levels of accuracy relies on their “humans in the loop” network of language specialists who are connected to their platform. This network supplements machine learning algorithms, particularly in language nuances that machines may not yet fully understand. The platform can be used for various applications, including call centers, interviews, board recordings, and video subtitles. Izwe.ai aims to solve the pain of doing manual transcripts and make it easier for businesses to transcribe their audio and video content. Izwe.ai works with different sectors to provide language-specific services relevant to their customers. The platform is powered by Telkom & Enlabeler and is committed to maintaining user privacy and security. Overall, Izwe.ai provides a valuable tool for any individual or organization that needs accurate transcription or translation services in various local languages.

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