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Inke - AI Technology Solution

What is Inke?

Inke is an AI-powered notebook tool that offers various features to enhance the writing and collaboration experience. The tool allows users to write and edit content using rich text and Markdown, providing flexibility in formatting options. Additionally, Inke leverages AI technology to empower users in their writing process by offering features like translation, chat with AI, and real-time collaboration among multiple people.Inke offers simple export options, allowing users to export their content as PDF, images, Markdown, or JSON files with just a single click. The tool provides different pricing plans, including a free plan that offers unlimited local notes and limited cloud note storage, as well as a specific number of AI generations per day and character limits. The basic and pro plans offer increased AI generation limits, larger image upload sizes, and more cloud storage.With Inke, users can seamlessly collaborate with others in real-time, making it easy to work on documents together. The tool also emphasizes a lightweight interface, ensuring smooth performance and ease of use.In summary, Inke is an AI notebook tool that combines AI-assisted writing, real-time collaboration, and flexible export options. It offers various pricing plans with different limitations on AI generations, cloud storage, and image upload sizes. The tool aims to enhance the writing and collaboration experience for users, providing a reliable and efficient platform for their note-taking and writing needs.

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