Optimize Vulnerability detection and attack surface management.
Ethiack - AI Technology Solution

What is Ethiack?

ETHIACK is an autonomous ethical hacking tool that helps organizations identify vulnerabilities in their digital infrastructure before they can be exploited. This tool combines Machine and Human Ethical Hacking techniques to provide both in-depth and broad security testing. One of the key features of ETHIACK is its External Attack Surface Management, which helps organizations gain a complete view of their entire digital exposure, including third-party services, APIs, and external tools. This allows them to identify weak points and manage their external attack surface effectively. The tool also offers Machine Ethical Hacking, which runs continuously with high accuracy in identifying vulnerabilities. Unlike traditional scanners that often produce false positives, ETHIACK’s AI-powered hackers provide real-time reports with 99% accuracy. ETHIACK boasts an impressive track record, having identified over 20,000 vulnerabilities. Its team of world-class ethical hackers undergoes rigorous vetting and background checks to ensure the highest level of expertise and trustworthiness when testing critical systems. Organizations that use ETHIACK receive continuous evaluation and reports on vulnerabilities, along with detailed guides on exploitation and mitigation. This knowledge transfer helps them develop products with greater security and stay ahead of potential attacks. Overall, ETHIACK offers a comprehensive and proactive approach to ethical hacking, allowing businesses to better protect their digital assets and maintain a secure infrastructure.

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