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Navalon - AI Technology Solution

What is Navalon?

Navalon is an end-to-end cybersecurity solution specifically designed for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). It offers enterprise-grade security capabilities without the expensive costs typically associated with such solutions. Navalon employs its own security-focused LLM & AI agent to provide comprehensive cybersecurity protection.With Navalon, SMEs can achieve top-tier security while staying within their budget. It eliminates the need for SMEs to navigate complex cybersecurity jargon and processes by providing a one-stop solution. Navalon acts as an in-house security counselor, offering services such as CISO assistance, security advisory, and continuous learning from the infrastructure to safeguard the business. Importantly, all data remains within the organization’s warehouse, enhancing privacy and security.The platform includes various features to enhance security. It enables active directory assessment, deployment of security policies, and provides solutions to fix vulnerabilities rather than simply highlighting them. Navalon also offers device security management, offering visibility over company machines and real-time threat monitoring. Additionally, it simplifies patch management to ensure systems stay up-to-date with just a single click.Other features include ransomware tripwires, which detect suspicious activity, isolate affected machines, and notify users to prevent data compromise. The platform also automates off-site encrypted backups, reducing the complexity of securing data. Continuous external penetration testing is performed to identify vulnerabilities and fortify the organization’s digital defenses.Navalon provides SMEs with an accessible and cost-effective cybersecurity solution that simplifies complex processes, enhances protection, and mitigates risks.

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