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What is Chunker?

Chunker AI is an AI tool that specializes in breaking down text into smaller segments and performing batch processing using ChatGPT. It offers several use cases, including repairing scanned text, transforming summaries into detailed content, simplifying scientific language, extracting key insights from long texts, and providing global language translations. For scanned documents with errors resulting from imperfect image recognition, Chunker AI enables users to batch process the scanned content, fix inaccuracies, and obtain refined and readable text. It also assists in automatically expanding brief drafts into comprehensive pieces, saving time in content creation. Chunker AI simplifies scientific language by identifying technical terms and replacing them with simpler words without compromising the content’s integrity. Additionally, it helps uncover valuable insights hidden within lengthy texts by extracting key points and presenting them concisely.The tool also offers efficient language translation capabilities, allowing users to upload books and select the desired language for batch translation, making it easier to expand to international audiences.To use Chunker AI, users need to register, enter their OpenAI API key, upload text in PDF format, set the desired chunk size, select and edit chunks, and write a prompt or select one from available templates. The tool provides the option to pause and edit processed chunks as necessary, and the final result can be downloaded as a DOC or PDF file.Chunker AI is free to use, but users may be billed directly by OpenAI for API usage. Depending on the specific task requirements, users can choose between GPT-3.5 for quicker and more affordable results or GPT-4 for higher-quality outcomes, particularly for tasks such as book translations.At present, Chunker AI supports text-based PDFs only and does not handle scanned images or non-text PDFs. Nevertheless, there is a possibility that additional formats will be supported in the future. For more information, users can contact the Chunker AI team.

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