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Optimize Multi-lingual voiceovers w/ customization.
Big Speak - AI Technology Solution

What is Big Speak?

Big Speak is a free AI software that enables users to generate audio from text in multiple languages. It uses machine learning algorithms to produce realistic sounding voice clips. For non-registered users, voice clips with up to 300 characters in length can be generated, while registered users can create clips of up to 1000 characters. Big Speak also offers a voice cloning feature for English, as well as AI audio transcription for English, German, Italian, French and Japanese. Additionally, it provides a range of voices for different contexts such as actions, communication/social, creative, entertainment/cooking, economics/law, engineering/education, science, biology, chemistry/pandemic, geography and other.To further enhance the quality of the generated audio, Big Speak supports Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML). This allows users to add pauses, adjust the pitch, rate and volume of the speech, and give emphasis to certain words. It also enables the creation of natural sounding intonation, making the generated audio sound more human-like.

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