Optimize Produces live summaries from medical conversations.
Abridge - AI Technology Solution

What is Abridge?

Abridge is a medical AI tool that structures and summarizes medical conversations for providers, patients, and enterprises in any location where care is provided. Abridge’s ambient AI technology instantly summarizes medical conversations and creates clinical documentation. It helps healthcare providers banish doctor burnout and improves their note-taking capability, allowing physicians to focus on patients while creating better notes faster. Abridge provides end-to-end integrations with top EHRs, including EPIC integration, lightweight HL7 options, and works directly from its API. The technology uses machine learning to generate complete SOAP note drafts, and the AI system safeguards both providers and patients by focusing on metrics such as causality, fairness, and transparency. The technology helps with audio capture, transcription, EHR integration, and summarization, among others. Additionally, it is HIPAA compliant and follows industry best practices to protect patient information. Abridge’s consumer application is highly rated and improves patient understanding and engagement regarding their health by providing next steps they can revisit whenever required. The technology is cost-effective and preferred by smart CMIOs, and its deep workflow integration, auditable AI, clinician-led model, cost-effective, patient-centered, and 100% tech, making it an ideal choice for medical AI solutions.

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