AI Tools for Music Creation

AI in Music Creation offers tools for sound design, automated mixing, and music production, simplifying the creative process and enabling artists to focus on artistic expression. These tools cater to musicians and producers looking to enhance their music creation workflow.

SnoozyStory - AI Technology Solution


SnoozyStory is a tool designed to enhance bedtime storytelling for children....
Solace Vision - AI Technology Solution

Solace Vision

Solace Vision is a AI-powered 3D creation tool that utilizes natural language processing....
Mocktalk - AI Technology Solution


Mocktalk is an AI-powered tool designed to help job seekers prepare for job interviews with...
Mindwell - AI Technology Solution


MindwellAI is an innovative mental health app that utilizes science-backed tools and AI-driven counseling to...
Country Lyrics AI - AI Technology Solution

Country Lyrics AI

Country Lyrics AI is a web app that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to generate country...
Storyleo - AI Technology Solution


FineShare Singify - AI Technology Solution

FineShare Singify

FineShare Singify is a free online AI Song Cover Generator....
BeGuided - AI Technology Solution


BeMindful is a mindfulness web app that aims to help users cultivate calmness and clarity...
AICalls - AI Technology Solution


AI Calls is an AI voice agent tool designed to cater to various business needs....
Wave AI Note Taker - AI Technology Solution

Wave AI Note Taker

Wave AI Note Taker is an AI note-taking tool designed for iOS devices....
Pooks - AI Technology Solution


QR Code Craft - AI Technology Solution

QR Code Craft

QR Code Craft is an AI-powered tool that enables businesses to create custom QR codes...
X-Minus - AI Technology Solution


Remove Vocals from Any Song is a straightforward tool that allows users to easily eliminate...
Thisresumedoesnotexist - AI Technology Solution


ChatGPT Famous Resumes is an AI-powered resume example and creation tool....
Chord Variations - AI Technology Solution

Chord Variations

Chord Variations is an AI tool that aims to help musicians generate a new chord...
QRCode AI - AI Technology Solution


QR Code AI is an AI-powered tool that enables brands to enhance their marketing efforts...
Superpowered Me - AI Technology Solution

Superpowered Me

Superpowered is an AI tool designed to help increase productivity during business meetings....

Vox Pop

Vox Pop: AI Chat with Avatars is an app that allows users to engage in...
My Wonder Tales - AI Technology Solution

My Wonder Tales

My Wonder Tales is a tool that enables parents or children to create personalized children's...
Pathfinder - AI Technology Solution


Pathfinder by Summit is an AI tool that generates personalized plans and strategies to help...
Mobile Credits - AI Technology Solution

Mobile Credits

Mobile Credits is a decentralized automated payment processor powered by AI. The tool enables safe...
Google Labs - AI Technology Solution

Google Labs

Muze One - AI Technology Solution

Muze One

Muze is a personalized AI music curator that creates custom playlists based on a conversational...
Drumloop - AI Technology Solution


Drumloop AI is an AI-powered tool that generates original drum loops using a neural audio...