AI Tools for Mental Health Support

AI is offering innovative solutions in Mental Health Support, including chatbots for therapy, mood tracking apps, and AI-assisted mental health diagnostics. These tools provide accessible and supplementary mental health care, supporting individuals in managing their well-being.

Therapise - AI Technology Solution


The AI Therapist is a tool designed to assist individuals in addressing their mental health...
Mentat AI - AI Technology Solution

Mentat AI

Mentat Ai is a mental health app designed to provide personalized support and guidance for...
VENTii - AI Technology Solution


VENTii is an AI-powered mental health support tool that offers accessible and affordable assistance through...
Plutis - AI Technology Solution


Plutis is an AI-driven platform designed to provide on-demand, modern-day mental healthcare services....
CalmMind - AI Technology Solution


CalmMind is an AI-driven mental health and wellness support tool that offers empathetic and anonymous...
Woebot Health - AI Technology Solution

Woebot Health

Woebot is an AI-powered Relational Agent for Mental Health, designed to help people get back...
Stamina AI - AI Technology Solution

Stamina AI

Stamina AI is an expert-backed AI therapy tool that serves as a mental health ally....
MindGuide - AI Technology Solution


MindGuide is an AI-powered mental health counseling tool that provides users with personalized guidance on...
AI Health Mind - AI Technology Solution

AI Health Mind

AI Health Mind is an AI tool that offers free medical advice and health-related queries...
Cara - AI Technology Solution


Cara is an AI-powered mental health support chat companion designed to assist individuals in exploring...
MindMate - AI Technology Solution


GentleGossip - AI Technology Solution


GentleGossip is an AI-powered mental health counselor and emotional support companion....
GPTChart - AI Technology Solution


FriendnPal is a mental health AI platform that aims to provide accessible support for everyday...
Drsaam - AI Technology Solution


SAAM is an AI mental health tool that functions as a supportive friend to help...
Mindsum - AI Technology Solution


Mindsum AI is a conversational AI tool designed to help users ask questions and seek...
MindSee - AI Technology Solution


MindSee is a mental health AI assistant designed to provide support and guidance to individuals...
Wysa - AI Technology Solution


Earkick - AI Technology Solution