AI Tools for Event Marketing

AI is transforming Event Marketing, offering tools for personalized event experiences, attendee engagement, and data-driven event planning. AI-powered event marketing tools assist in audience segmentation, personalized communication, and predictive analytics for event success. These tools are essential for event organizers and marketers seeking to create more impactful and memorable events.

Gueno - AI Technology Solution


CorgiLabs - AI Technology Solution


CorgiAI is an end-to-end fraud detection and prevention suite designed to unblock revenue and reduce...

Remo is a virtual events platform that aims to bring authentic online experiences to life....
UPTO3 - AI Technology Solution


Oracle - AI Technology Solution


LLM Oracle is an AI tool designed to make forecasts about the future through the...
Gatherly - AI Technology Solution


Chainfuse - AI Technology Solution


Goafterwork - AI Technology Solution


Eventplanner GPT is an AI tool developed by Afterwork that enables users to plan various...


Cyncrocity is an AI-powered event management tool that aims to facilitate meaningful connections and streamline...
Jungle AI - AI Technology Solution

Jungle AI

Canopy is an AI-powered asset management software developed by Jungle....