Optimize Streamlined developer task management and collaboration.

What is Zigi?

Zigi is an AI-powered personal assistant designed for developers to increase workflow efficiency and productivity by automating non-coding tasks. The tool integrates with popular software like Slack, Jira, and Github, and examines daily workflows to identify pertinent actionable items that need attention. Zigi’s main objective is to streamline task management and collaboration, providing a complete overview of all tasks in one place, and presenting relevant information to team members in real-time. In addition, Zigi allows developers to personalize their settings by customizing notification types and messages’ frequency, ensuring that only important information matches their workflow. Zigi is designed for developers who work in growing R&D departments and require ongoing collaboration with multiple different functions, making it easy for them to prioritize tasks and manage their workflow. It is also easy to install, with low administrative overhead, and has a satisfactory privacy and security policy. Zigi’s utility can be deemed a very useful productivity tool, in particular, for developers working in teams and attempting to balance non-coding tasks while focusing on coding and innovation.

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