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Zia - AI Technology Solution

What is Zia?

Zia is an AI assistant for businesses developed by Zoho. It is designed to enhance productivity by knowing every aspect of a business and offering smart recommendations to improve efficiency. Zia is a multifaceted AI tool that can assist in various areas of a business, including sales, marketing, customer service, finance, people and culture, email and office, project management, collaboration, custom solutions, BI and analytics, IT, and legal. Zia’s capabilities are showcased in action on the Zoho website. Zia is the only AI assistant that fully understands all aspects of a business. Zoho also features other products and solutions that cater to small businesses such as CRM, marketing, sales, event management, finance, HR, collaboration, and custom apps. Additionally, Zoho has a vast marketplace that provides extensions, custom apps, and industry solutions to integrate with third-party applications.Overall, Zia is designed to be a comprehensive AI tool that can assist businesses in various aspects, enhancing productivity, and efficiency. With Zoho’s vast experience in developing business solutions, Zia is expected to be a reliable and efficient tool for businesses in need of an AI assistant.

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