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ZeroStep - AI Technology Solution

What is ZeroStep?

ZeroStep is an AI tool that enhances Playwright tests with the power of GPT3.5 and GPT4. It offers an ai() function that allows users to simplify and make their Playwright tests more resilient to changes. Instead of using CSS selectors or XPath locators, ZeroStep’s AI assistant can determine actions to take at runtime based on plain-text instructions. ZeroStep seamlessly integrates with Playwright, enabling users to incorporate AI into their tests without altering their development workflow. This tool is designed to help write end-to-end tests that can withstand changes. Users can script complex interactions and assertions using plain-text instructions, such as booking the next available timeslot, searching and verifying the first organic search result, getting the latest stock price, viewing article history and verifying the earliest revision, going to a specific section and verifying if an ad is displayed, and counting the number of labels in a repository.ZeroStep implements directly into Playwright with the npm i @zerostep/playwright -D command. It also offers a simplified API named ai() that accepts plain-text instructions and integrates with Playwright’s API and Playwright test framework. Users can expect increased simplicity and resilience in their Playwright tests by leveraging the power of AI provided by ZeroStep.

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