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What is Zeroqode?

Building Blockchain & Crypto Apps on Bubble made easy is a suite of advanced plugins provided by Zeroqode for developers to easily create and develop applications related to blockchain and cryptocurrency on the Bubble platform. The suite offers a range of tools that cater to various AI application needs, making it suitable for both beginners and experts.The suite includes plugins such as OpenAI DALL·E, which creates images from text prompts, Voice AI API Connector, which converts English text to speech in a female voice, and Speech-to-text AI tool, which converts audio to text using neural networks. Other plugins include Beeptalk AI Chatbot Widget for instant, human-like chat interactions, Eden AI – Text To Speech for converting language text into speech, and Replicate – AI & ML Models for incorporating machine learning and AI models into applications.Additionally, there are plugins like AI Proxy for real-time streaming of ChatGPT, Stable Diffusion AI – Evoke API for generating stable diffusion AI images, and Plotly Charts | AI Powered Chart for advanced data visualization.In addition to the plugin suite, the tool also offers AI no-code app templates, allowing users to rapidly develop AI applications without the need for coding. These templates include AI Kit Rapid Dev, Open AI 65+ Apps, WriteSonic Rapid Builder, ChatGPT Clone, Casper – AI Copywriting SaaS, and many more.With flexible development processes, fixed price billing, and dedicated project management, this tool provides a seamless and efficient way to build and monetize no-code AI projects.

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