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Zefort - AI Technology Solution

What is Zefort?

Zefort is a contract management software that offers a streamlined and effortless way to manage contracts. With Zefort, users can easily create, sign, store, and share contracts with their team. The software provides features such as reminders and a powerful search function, making it easy to stay organized and find specific contracts when needed.Zefort offers a range of solutions tailored to different teams, including legal teams, procurement, HR teams, sales teams, and company administration. The software allows users to store all their contracts in a single, secure repository, eliminating the risk of losing important documents or missing important dates.Zefort also offers additional features such as Zefort Forms, which enables users to create easy-to-sign online documents for various purposes, and Zefort Sign, which provides a user-friendly platform for obtaining legally binding and secure electronic signatures. The software supports integrations with leading eSignature services and can be seamlessly integrated with existing document management systems.Security is a top priority for Zefort, and the software ensures bank-level security by meeting strict regulatory requirements and implementing robust software architecture and physical security measures.Zefort is suitable for organizations of all sizes and volumes of contracts, and it has a range of happy customers from various industries. The software offers a 14-day free trial with no credit card required, allowing users to experience its features and benefits before committing.

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