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Xence AI - AI Technology Solution

What is Xence AI?

Xence is an AI chatbot specifically designed for Confluence on Jira SM. It enables users to get answers to their queries directly on the Jira SM support portal without the need for human involvement. With Xence, approximately 50% of employee questions can be answered instantly. The chatbot is powered by CHATGPT, ensuring accurate and reliable solutions.Using Xence is hassle-free, as there is no requirement to create an account. Users can simply install the chatbot and integrate it with their Jira Service Management (JSM) project. Once installed, employees can enter the Jira SM support portal and interact with the AI chatbot by asking their questions. The chatbot responds promptly, providing precise solutions sourced from Confluence knowledge base. It adds a touch of human-like flair to its responses, enhancing the overall user experience.Xence eliminates the need for manual searches through Confluence articles and repetitive Q&A sessions, saving the team’s valuable time for more important tasks. The chatbot offers round-the-clock support with unlimited queries. Additionally, Xence is easy to set up with lightning-fast installation from Atlassian’s Marketplace.Gaspar AI, the provider of Xence, offers a 21-day free trial for users to experience the benefits of the AI chatbot. It guarantees impressive efficiency gains, reducing manual work by approximately 80%. Xence is available for teams of all sizes, and pricing is transparent without any hidden fees or premium features. Gaspar AI also integrates well with other Atlassian products, helping to reduce ticket volume and automate IT and HR requests.

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