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What is XAgent?

XAgent is an organization focused on democratizing large model technologies and system infrastructures. One of their key offerings is the XAgent autonomous LLM agent, designed to tackle complex tasks autonomously. This agent utilizes advanced techniques and technologies to solve intricate problems efficiently. Additionally, XAgent offers several other tools and resources. Vicuna is a chatbot that impresses GPT-4 with high-quality chat interactions, available in different sizes, including 7B, 13B, and 33B. Chatbot Arena provides a scalable and gamified evaluation platform for large language models (LLMs) using crowdsourcing and Elorating systems. It enables comprehensive assessments of LLM capabilities. FastChat is an open platform designed for training, serving, and evaluating chatbots based on LLM models. It simplifies the development and deployment of LLM-based chatbot systems. Furthermore, XAgent offers specific datasets and benchmarks for evaluating the performance of chatbots. The xagent-Chat-1M dataset provides a large-scale real-world LLM conversation dataset for training and analysis purposes. MT-Bench offers a collection of challenging, multi-turn, and open-ended questions to assess chatbot performance rigorously. Lastly, LongChat is a chatbot designed to support extended context lengths up to 16K, available in 7B and 13B sizes. Overall, XAgent and its suite of tools contribute to the advancement and accessibility of large model technologies, facilitating the development and evaluation of powerful chatbot systems.

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