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WithBlaze - AI Technology Solution

What is WithBlaze?

Blaze is an AI-powered growth tool designed to help modern companies and agencies expand their audiences through social platforms. With Blaze, users can automate outreach, schedule and generate content, and gain insights into the effectiveness of their strategies. Blaze Forms is a feature that allows users to collect contact data from their audiences easily. The tool offers various resources such as a blog, documentation, and case studies to provide users with additional knowledge and support. The tool enables users to source qualified leads from Twitter by creating unique lists of prospects based on social signals, such as who follows competitors or mentions specific keywords in their profiles or posts. Users can personalize messaging and generate compelling social content using AI templates and enrichments. Blaze also offers automation features for outreach efforts, including direct messaging, paid ad campaigns, and social rewards campaign automations. The tool helps users uncover the right leads by identifying and reaching out to actually interested buyers through untapped channels.Additionally, Blaze provides features for generating and scheduling AI-generated content, targeting and converting customers through workflows and paid campaigns, as well as engaging and retaining users by managing community channels and building engagement workflows.To get started, users can create a free account, integrate their social channels, and implement their growth plan based on segmenting users and evaluating various strategies. The tool also offers an API for connecting social data to other revenue events.Overall, Blaze aims to centralize community and transaction data, enabling users to build and measure cross-platform marketing campaigns for acquisition, activation, loyalty, and retention.

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