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What is What font is?

The Font Finder tool by What Font Is is an AI-powered solution that enables users to identify fonts from any image. The tool boasts a catalogue containing over 900,000 indexed fonts, which can be either commercial or free. Users can simply upload an image and choose the font they require, and the Font Finder AI will display over 60 similar fonts that are either downloadable or purchasable. The tool uses advanced AI to recognize fonts in 90% of cases, and for the remaining 10% errors, low-quality images are usually the cause. The system is capable of detecting fonts regardless of the publisher, producer, or foundry, allowing users to search for a specific missing font from the sources supplied by a client or identify a font they find visually appealing. The tool provides a user-friendly interface where the image uploaded can be cropped, optimized and inputted to obtain results. The Font Finder tool also includes additional features such as a web font generator, an image editor to split letters and adjust the brightness, and a search-by-price function to filter fonts based on their cost. The Font Finder tool is suitable for designers, marketers, and anyone who works with fonts regularly and requires a precise and reliable way of identifying fonts. With a large font database and an advanced AI system, Font Finder is considered one of the best font finder tools.

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