Optimize Organized and managed receipt streamlining for business.
Wellybox - AI Technology Solution

What is Wellybox?

WellyBox is an AI-powered receipt management tool designed for businesses. It simplifies the process of organizing, tracking, and managing receipts by allowing users to scan paper receipts, auto-download receipts and invoices from their email inbox, and sync these documents with accounting apps. WellyBox also offers a receipt scanner app, receipt organizer software, expense tracker software, expense report software, and expense management software, as well as a receipt app, receipt keeper, and receipt tracker app. The tool integrates with top cloud storage solutions such as Dropbox and Google Drive to allow users to easily store and sync their receipts. WellyBox has a QuickBooks integration, making it easier for users to be ready for tax audits. Additionally, all receipts can be downloaded to a zip file within seconds, which ensures that all documents are in one place, reducing the risk of losing them. WellyBox utilizes the power of GPT and OCR to automate manual admin tasks. The deep learning-based engine capabilities play a crucial role in processing the over 25 million documents that the system has processed so far, with 1.8 million being processed monthly. The tool is designed to make tracking and keeping receipts stress-free, giving users the peace of mind they need to focus on other aspects of their business.

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