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Webstudio - AI Technology Solution

What is Webstudio?

Webstudio AI is a personal assistant tool designed to facilitate the building of websites at an accelerated pace, while maintaining control and input from the designer. Its main features include:1. Copywriter: Webstudio AI assists in writing copy for the entire webpage or specific sections. It eliminates the need for placeholder text by quickly generating relevant and refined content.2. Section Layouts: Users can generate section layouts that align with their objectives and content requirements. This feature offers a seamless integration with visual tools, allowing for manual adjustments or iteration through prompts.3. Images: The tool automatically inserts images from Unsplash that match the website’s content. It also provides a separate prompt to update or replace images as needed.4. Edits: Webstudio AI can be instructed to make updates to text, CSS, HTML, or images. It proves useful both for existing projects and new ones, preventing users from getting stuck in the development process.5. Voice Prompts: Users have the option to communicate with the AI through voice prompts. This feature serves as a convenient alternative to traditional typing, promoting a more efficient workflow.Overall, Webstudio AI aims to streamline the web development process by offering powerful assistance in generating content, designing layouts, managing images, and making quick edits. By leveraging the capabilities of AI technology, it empowers designers to build websites approximately three times faster while ensuring they remain in control of the creative process.

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