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Optimize Customizable shell with intelligent command search.
Warp AI - AI Technology Solution

What is Warp AI?

Warp AI is a terminal emulator designed to work as a modern app, built using the Rust programming language. The tool touts speed and incorporates modern features like an input that feels like a code editor with selections, cursor positioning, and completion menus. Warp is also equipped with AI Command Search, which employs GPT-3 to convert natural language into executable shell commands, and blocks of command outputs are designed for quick and easy scrolling, highlighting errors, and copying and pasting text. Warp AI is also backward-compatible, working out of the box with zsh, fish, and bash, and supports popular themes like Dracula and Solarized. Completions built into Warp AI can also be customized or created for your favorite CLI or workflows. It’s highly customizable, and users can create and share their own themes, workflows or completion specs. Warp AI will be of interest to developers who prioritize fast, efficient, personalized terminals with a modern edge, and who value privacy and security.

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