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Wand AI - AI Technology Solution

What is Wand AI?

Wand.ai is a business-centric AI platform that provides a self-service, no-friction, no-code approach to AI development. It enables users to quickly and easily build AI-enabled solutions to solve business problems and to create value. Through its end-to-end AI platform, users are able to access data from multiple sources and connect them to pipelines in minutes. Additionally, Wand provides users with autonomy, flexibility, and collaboration to bring their ideas to life. Autonomy allows users to take control of the design and build of business solutions without dependencies, and flexibility allows users to work the way they want, whether low code or no code. Collaboration allows users to share and work together on data and pipelines in order to simplify AI for the whole organization. With Wand, users can leverage the power of AI creation, from business users to data scientists, in order to significantly improve their business outcomes.

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