Optimize Subtitled video editing with transcript-based and stock.
Vrew - AI Technology Solution

What is Vrew?

Vrew is an AI-powered video editing tool that makes it easy for users to create professional-quality videos. With Vrew, users can generate automatic subtitles using speech recognition and make quick cuts, access over 20 AI voices, and utilize a variety of free stock resources all in one place. It is available on Mac, Windows, and Ubuntu. The tool is ideal for creating YouTube videos, short-form content, corporate promotions, educational or instructional videos. Vrew’s main selling point is its document-like interface, making it easy for anyone who can edit documents to edit videos with Vrew. Users can efficiently edit videos using Vrew’s transcript-based editing feature and easily find and edit specific points while reading through the transcript. Vrew also provides a one-stop-shop for all royalty-free stock resources, including 100K stock images, thousands of stock videos, 200 background music tracks, 1000 sound effects, 100 fonts, and design text templates. Moreover, users can create videos with AI voices, and Vrew offers five languages and over 200 high-quality AI voices. It also includes practical features like Silence Trimmer, Manuscript Import, and Face Enlargement and Blur. The tool is ideal for transforming livestream recordings, podcast videos, interview recordings, and blog posts into engaging videos. Overall, Vrew is an efficient, lightweight, and easy-to-use tool that helps users unlock their full creative potential, especially those who are not experienced in video editing.

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