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What is Vespa?

Vespa is an AI-powered search engine and vector database that enables organizations to analyze and apply AI to their big data online. It offers unbeatable performance, scalability, and high availability for search applications of all sizes. Developed as an open-source software, Vespa can be downloaded or used on its cloud service for free. With Vespa, developers can co-locate vectors, metadata, and content on the same item on the same node, run inference, and scale across nodes to handle any amount of data and traffic effortlessly.Vespa provides a wide range of use cases, including search, recommendations, personalization, conversational AI, and semi-structured navigation. The tool offers fully featured search functionality that supports vector search, lexical search, and search in structured data. It also offers machine-learned model inference in real-time to make sense of the data. Vespa simplifies the process of building applications, allowing developers to focus on their application development while it handles scaling and high availability.Vespa has been used by several leading companies, including Spotify, Yahoo, and OkCupid. The tool enables companies to personalize content in real-time and target ads while serving close to a billion users at a rate of 600,000 queries per second. Vespa is engineered around efficient support for machine-learning model inference and supports most models from most tools. It automatically manages data distribution over nodes and can redistribute in the background on any changes, providing unbeatable end-to-end performance.

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