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UserVista - AI Technology Solution

What is UserVista?

User Vista is an AI-powered tool that allows Product People to gain a comprehensive understanding of their customers by combining analytics and qualitative feedback. The tool offers solutions such as an NPS survey tool, consulting services, and recruiting researchers. User Vista simplifies the process of boosting NPS scores and reducing churn by breaking down the problem into manageable steps. The tool offers an easy setup, requiring only a two-minute installation of their script into the app. It also allows users to send additional context or user segments for more personalized insights.User Vista utilizes a user ranking formula that analyzes factors such as time spent on page, clicks, and engagement, to provide users with a one to five-star ranking. In-app surveys are thoughtfully designed to increase response rates, and templates are provided to help improve NPS and reduce churn.With User Vista, users can gain brilliant insights into areas where improvements are needed. The tool leverages AI-powered analysis to pair user engagement rankings with feedback, leading to deeper insights. By consistently following the provided process, users can expect an improvement in NPS scores over time, resulting in a reduction in churn.User Vista offers various survey templates, including UX measurement surveys, willingness-to-pay surveys, and customer success surveys. The tool also provides features such as flow-based surveys and rage click surveys for a more in-depth understanding of user experiences.Overall, User Vista aims to bring clarity to businesses by providing valuable insights based on customer data and feedback.

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