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Urbanity - AI Technology Solution

What is Urbanity?

Urbanity is an AI-driven tool designed to help businesses boost their online ratings and reviews on major platforms like Google Maps, Yelp, and G2. With minimal setup, users can accelerate their rating and review request process through an automated email campaign. Urbanity’s AI engine generates email content and time recommendations for sending requests and continually tests various combinations to determine the most effective configurations for securing customer responses.In addition to review collection, Urbanity offers business intelligence and location intelligence features. Users can sign up for free access to location intelligence and Google business review data. They can analyze ratings, review counts, and other insights for hotels, apartments, restaurants, coffee shops, and medical/day spas in major cities. This data can be used for marketing, competitive intelligence, or investment decisions.Urbanity claims to provide benefits such as improvements in search rankings, click-through rates, and overall business growth. However, precise numbers are not mentioned in the text to avoid potential inconsistencies due to changes over time.The tool offers three subscription plans with varying features and benefits. The free plan includes limited support and access to location intelligence and review data. There are also business and professional plans that offer additional features like AI email optimization, AI review collection, more team members, contacts, and email credits, as well as priority support and a dedicated account manager.Urbanity.ai is a product of Urbanity, dba (doing business as) Urbanity.ai.

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