Optimize Rapid, scalable user insights for product dev.
URAi - AI Technology Solution

What is URAi?

URAi is an AI-powered tool that offers rapid and scalable user insights to improve product development. It enables users to plan research studies, collect in-depth feedback, extract insights, and build a knowledge base. The tool provides various functionalities, including the ability to transcribe audio and video, search and find insights, collaborate with team members, and conduct in-depth interviews. URAi uses AI to ask targeted questions based on users’ goals and responses, allowing for the collection of deeper insights. For design testing, URAi facilitates the gathering of user feedback on websites, design prototypes, and product images. Users can also collect quick feedback on a larger scale using a few questions and follow-up prompts to uncover more insights. The tool offers real-time analysis, enabling the summarization of user feedback sessions and the generation of actionable reports within minutes. URAi can transcribe and analyze user feedback in text, audio, and video formats.URAi provides an evidence-based approach by automatically generating reports that link insights to the evidence and user verbatim. Users can access a continually enriched knowledge library to store and search for insights, eliminating the need to search through files or emails.Furthermore, URAi allows users to upload past reports and product briefs to build their knowledge library. It offers the opportunity to gather new insights by running new studies and leveraging AI to generate insights.Overall, URAi accelerates the journey from questions to insights to decisions, helping users build better products.

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