Optimize Automated mental health progress notes with analytics.
Upheal - AI Technology Solution

What is Upheal?

Upheal is an AI-powered progress notes tool designed specifically for mental health professionals. It provides an automated assistant that transcribes therapy notes and offers video calling and analytics capabilities. The tool supports saving clinician time spent on tedious note-taking by creating DAP-informed progress notes at each session. Notes can be edited and even merged with the therapist’s manual input if desired. The system also delivers analytics that identify repeating themes, coping strategies, diagnosis markers, and even drug mentions on a per-session basis, allowing clinicians to quickly understand critical trends or insights about their clients. Upheal also provides guided consent collection, end-to-end encrypted video calls, and HIPAA-compliant storage to ensure secure data protection of patient information. Upheal can be used for both remote and in-person therapy sessions, with audio recordings uploadable for later transcription. The tool is currently offering early access for therapists to use for free, with plans to charge for it in the future. Upheal is designed to integrate with other healthcare systems and software once it goes live.

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