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UnionAI - AI Technology Solution

What is UnionAI?

Union.ai is an AI tool that offers Union Cloud, an orchestrated workflow to simplify AI, data, and analytics. It reduces time to market by offering a common architecture pattern for people and processes, which can cut boilerplate code and the total pipeline cost by up to 90%. Union.ai also offers managed services and open-source products like Union Pandera and UnionML that can protect data and ML products from low-quality data and enable hassle-free building and deployment of machine learning microservices. Union Cloud is an infinitely scalable workflow platform that is resource optimized and can unify data and machine learning pipelines, people, and processes while reducing compute cost and time to value. It supports hybrid and multicloud data ecosystems, making it a fabric for rapid data, AI and analytics development and deployment – at any scale. It also offers efficient workflows with caching, task-aware resourcing, and other features to optimize resources. Union Cloud has been used in production by more than 30 companies in the Fortune 100 and has a vibrant user community. Union.ai offers case studies of how Union Cloud has helped companies like Stash, MethaneSAT, Blackshark.ai, and others cut pipeline compute costs, coordinate deep financial analytics, and support Earth’s ‘Digital Twin’ projects. Union.ai was founded in 2021 by the engineers who created Flyteâ„¢.

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