Ultimate Skill Extractor by Further

Optimize Text-based skill categorization and extraction.
Ultimate Skill Extractor by Further - AI Technology Solution

What is Ultimate Skill Extractor by Further?

Further is an AI-powered skill suggestion tool designed to help organizations and companies quickly and effectively identify in-demand skills from any kind of text. The tool utilizes a Natural Language Processing (NLP) model to programmatically classify text or audio transcripts into skill categories. The model is trained with over one million pieces of content from a variety of sources and topics, giving it the ability to accurately detect and categorize skills from any text. Further also provides a Non-Aligned Skill Taxonomy white paper that explains the concept of informal learning and how it can be used to facilitate knowledge sharing and learning in the workplace. Further is easy to use and requires no prior knowledge of AI or programming, allowing anyone to quickly extract in-demand skills from any text.

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