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UBOS - AI Technology Solution

What is UBOS?

UBOS is a low-code/no-code platform that empowers developers and businesses to create and deploy web applications quickly and easily, without requiring extensive coding experience. With UBOS, users can seamlessly integrate APIs like ChatGPT, Dalle-2, and Codex from OpenAI, and even use custom ML models. They can also create custom admin client and CRUD functionalities to effectively manage sales, inventory, contracts, and more. Additionally, UBOS enables users to create dynamic dashboards that transform data into actionable insights and fuel innovation for their business. It also allows users to easily create chatbots to improve customer support and create a true omnichannel experience with multiple integrations.UBOS’s all-in-one cloud platform combines low-code/no-code tools with edge technologies to make web applications scalable, secure, and easy to manage. Its tooling includes a low-code/no-code Node-Red flow builder for integrations and ETL, an Appsmith UI Builder for internal tools, an extended UI editor by UBOS.tech, a no-code database tool like Airtable, and much more. UBOS also provides an AI Creator function for creating UI widgets with ChatGPT, a deployment manager for CI/CD, and app templates to create or install composite apps. UBOS has a workspace that functions as a single space to manage tools and services.UBOS also helps businesses optimize their operations, reduce costs, and drive growth with low-code cloud solutions. The platform’s speed, security, and scalability are the cornerstones of successful software development. Its features include an AI assistant based on LLM/GPT-3 type of models, cutting-edge ecosystem of visual development tools, background workers and automation services, and a seamless collaboration workspace. UBOS’s advanced integration solution connects to any data source, integrates with any legacy or external systems, and executes business processes with ease. Overall, UBOS is a user-friendly, low-code platform that allows users to create powerful web applications with ease and speed.

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