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Optimize Fast and accurate technical support through chatbot.
Twig AI - AI Technology Solution

What is Twig AI?

Twig is an AI-powered tool designed to help users quickly and easily find the answers they need from technical documentation without having to spend hours sifting through endless pages of documents. The tool works by semantically analyzing documentation, knowledge bases, past support tickets, and other data sources to provide accurate responses to customers’ complex questions. This significantly reduces the costs of customer support by up to 30%. Twig’s AI models are trained on publicly available data, allowing it to find and recommend relevant responses to user questions with confidence. The recommended responses include citations that increase the trustworthiness of the response by showing users where to find additional information. Twig also helps support agents become more productive by automating tedious tasks and providing powerful tools that replace busy work with human empathy. It enables agents to improve the quality of customer engagement by bringing higher minimum standards on response quality and helping them notice potential risks in responses. Twig can integrate with most popular documentation and knowledge base products, and it sanitizes data, removing any personally identifiable information (PII) to ensure privacy protection. Twig is an AI tool designed to significantly enhance the customer experience by providing accurate, relevant, and speedy responses to technical questions.

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