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Turbohire - AI Technology Solution

What is Turbohire?

TurboHire is a recruitment automation software that provides powerful technology and automation for everyone involved in recruiting. It offers 59+ features across 10 hiring modules to address recruitment challenges, such as high volume hiring, hyper-growth, candidate experience, and global recruitment. TurboHire provides end-to-end recruitment solutions with 10 powerful product modules, including talent discovery, interview automation, candidate engagement, recruiting dashboards, referrals and internal jobs, applicant tracking, agency management, requisition and approvals, offer and onboarding, and admin and set-up. It also offers a toolkit for HR professionals that includes a dictionary, calculator, and HR toolkit, among others.TurboHire creates a single repository of resume and job data that provides 5 automation modules for sourcing, screening, engagement, interview, and offer, leading to the automation of 85% of manual recruiting activities. The analytics layer encompasses all activities of all stakeholders to provide increased visibility into the recruitment process. TurboHire helps in sourcing new candidates from various job boards and makes sourcing from vendors easy with automated permission management and audit tracking. It also digitizes the process of job requisition creation and approvals based on enterprise needs. All resumes are automatically converted into searchable smart cards for effective search. TurboHire is globally compliant and is used by large enterprises, mid-market companies, and fast-growing startups, with case studies across major industries like IT, manufacturing, BFSI, pharma, among many more.

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