Optimize Personalized sales coaching w/ real-time cues for reps.
Trellus - AI Technology Solution

What is Trellus?

Trellus is an AI sales coaching tool that provides real-time analytics and coaching to sales reps during active calls. It works on top of the current dialer and automatically shows personalized AI coaching cues based on the configured settings. The tool delivers an actionable set of behavioral cues such as “pause,” “stop,” “slow down,” and “ask why,” helping the reps to learn the skills of a top sales rep. Trellus helps sales teams expand their sales performance by delivering an invaluable coaching assistant to improve their performance and improve the chances of closing more deals. The tool provides personalized local data on prospects like weather data or company news that reps can leverage during their calls, leading to personalized outreach. Trellus provides integration with the dialer software, allowing it to be available 24×7 for real-time sales assistance. The tool is easy to install with a 1-click install and an option to customize the coaching configurations. It is a must-have tool for sales teams seeking to learn, improve and evolve their sales skills to achieve better results.

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