Top Pushup

Optimize Analysis and coaching for pushup form.
Top Pushup - AI Technology Solution

What is Top Pushup?

Top Pushup is an AI pushup form analyzer and coach designed to help you perfect your pushup routine. The app uses advanced AI to track and give live audio feedback on your pushup form as you do them. It counts each correct pushup and informs you what’s wrong with your pushup form if you do a half-pushup or pushup that is not done in the correct plank form. The app is free and no sign-up is needed. Open the app, place the phone on the floor facing your sideview, covering head to feet, and start doing your pushup routine. The app will count each correct pushup loudly and the AI coach will inform you what to improve if your form is wrong. You can use the app to practice your pushup form with audio feedback or take the pushup challenge judged by the AI coach.Top Pushup features include live AI pushup form analysis and audio feedback, practice or challenge mode, pushup counter and tracker, and it uses just your camera with no extra equipment is needed. Download the app and start perfecting your pushup routine with Top Pushup.

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