Tolgee AI Translator

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Tolgee AI Translator - AI Technology Solution

What is Tolgee AI Translator?

Tolgee is an open-source localization platform designed to streamline the translation process for developers. With an easy and fast setup, developers can quickly integrate this platform into their projects. Context is king! Tolgee AI Translator doesn’t ignore context like other traditional machine translators. It understands the context of the strings used in your app: that’s why it can provide the best results. With the auto-translation feature, you just add the strings to the Tolgee Platform. To get maximum from Tolgee Autonomous Localization, you have to use Tolgee SDKs. Otherwise, the context is not extracted from your app. The SDKs are available for all major framework like React, Angular Vue.js, Svelte or plain JavaScript. Add the keys to the Tolgee in-context editor and get all texts translated automatically. Right after that, you can ship your localized App.

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